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Peter F. Schmid

Comprehension: The Art of Not Knowing
Dialogical and ethical perspectives on empathy as dialogue in personal and person-centred relationships

published in: Haugh, Sheila / Merry, Tony (Eds.), Empathy, Llongarron, Ross-on-Wye (PCCS Books) 2001
(Series "Rogers' therapeutic conditions. Evolution, theory and practice", ed. by Gill Wyatt)

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The phrase and idea, "the ART OF NOT KNOWING" in Peter Schmid's chapter, in the new PCCS volume on empathy is a wonderful phrase, puts "not knowing", suspending judgement etc, in a proper light. It connects with Husserl's idea of "sophisticated naiveté". It is the posture of any phenomenologist. And of course a mainstay of the Rogerian position in general. This idea, the ART of not-knowing, is notwell known or appreciated. It may be in the culture, but too often attached to the condition of ignorance or stupidity.  So it is a pleasure to be reminded of it as an ART. This volume, edited by Sheila Haugh and Tony Merry is a fine piece of work, is a genuine contribution to the literature on this worked-over subject.   I  am really enjoying it.
John Shlien, USA, October 2001

I wanted to say how engaging and exciting I found your paper in the Merry and Haugh Empathy book, which I have now got round to read.
Mick Cooper, UK, November 2002

I feel aligned with the 'not knowing' aspect of the work as a person-centred practitioner. Many thanks for your help here and also for sharing so many interesting perspectives on the approach of Carl Rogers.
Rose, December 2013

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