"I envision a place for experiencing and absorbing all that exists of a person-centered nature, and pushing this dream into hitherto undreamed directions.
It would be a place for disciplined seekers and learners, a place where experiential and cognitive learning would come together.
I believe there should be opportunity for intellectual stimulation as well as personal growth.
I trust the learning process could be facilitated in a manner which would maximize disciplined personal initiative and exploration of new areas.
There would be, in its activities, an integration of body, mind and spirit, where the excitement of learning might be experienced in a total way.
We would wish to provide the maximum of seeking, exploring, questioning, growing, forward-looking learning environment.
It would endeavor to be, at its best, a true learning community, carrying on the spirit of the person-centered approach, which, from its roots, has constantly been orientated toward the future, emphasizing the emergence of experiences and persons.
Carl R. Rogers

Peter F. Schmid pfs 1998