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Joγo Marques-Teixeira & Samuel Antunes (Eds.)
Client-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy

Linda a Velha (Vale & Vale*) 2000
ISBN 972-8652-01-1 • 308 pp. • 27,52 EUR

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Chapter by Peter F. Schmid
"Encountering a human being means being kept awake by an enigma" (E. Levinas)
Prospects on further developments in the Person-Centered Approach

p. 11-31

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This book offers a representative selection of papers presented at the IVth International Conference on Client-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy that took place in Lisbon, Portugal in July 1997. Experienced professionals and researchers from all over the world discuss some of the issues that have a particular relevance to client-centered and experiential psychotherapeutic theory and practice covering conceptual, theoretical, attitudinal and practical applications as well as transcultural perspectives. This book is valuable for all client-centered and experiential psychotherapists inviting to a reflection on their practice and on their thinking. It is valuable too for students and to anyone interested in acquiring recent information about the development in client-centered and experiential psychotherapy.

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Contributions by

I. Theoretical and conceptional issues
 P. F. Schmid • C. Purton • B. Thorne • L. Greenberg • S. Antunes • L. Roelens • J. Andrade-Ribeiro

II. Attitudes and therapeutic interventions
M. Kilborn • B. Brodley

III. Therapeutic change
P. WIlkins • F. Zimring • R. Elliott, E. Slatick & M. Urman

IV. Application to specific situations
M. Leijssen, G. Lietaer, I. Stevens & G. Wels • E. Zinschitz • G. Miksch • L. Niebrzydowski • J. Marques-Teixeira

V. Transcultural Studies
J. Moore • S. Hayashi, T. Kuni, Y. Morotomi, M. Osawa, M. Shimizu & Y. Suetake

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