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Alfred Pritz (Ed.)
Globalized Psychotherapy

Facultas Universitätsverlag (Vienna) 2002
ISBN 3-85076-605-5 • 852 pp. • 88 EUR | 154 CHF

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Chapter by Peter F. Schmid
Person-centred Psychotherapy
p. 701-713

Contributions by Alfred Pritz, Murray Stein (Analytical Psychology), Heinrich Wallnöfer (Autogenic Training /
Autogenic Psychotherapy), Iver Hand (Behavior Therapy), Regina Axt & Thomas Ehrensperger (Bioenergetic Analysis), David Boadella & Silvia Specht Boadella (Biosynthesis), Christa Paluselli (Concentrative Movement Therapy), Gion Condrau (Daseinsanalytic Psychotherapy), L. Tutsch & K. Luss (Existential Analysis and Logotherapy), Viktor Makarov (Formation of Multimode Psychotherapy in Russia), Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb (Gestalt Therapy), Dankwart Mattke (Group Therapy), Peter F. Schmid (Person-centred Psychotherapy), Nossrat Peseschkian (Positive Psychotherapy), Elfriede Fidal (Psychoanalysis), Jutta Fürst (Psychodrama), Bruno Bonvecchi (Sophia Analysis), Mony Elkaïm & Judith Good (Systemic Family Therapy), Ian Stewart (Transactional Analysis), Hans Peter Weidinger (Transpersonal Psychotherapy) and many others

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Psychotherapeutic approaches to healing, based on different theories of the workings of the soul, have spread worldwide over the past two decades. In this volume , the authors make a first attempt to furnish a global overview and indivate perspectioves for the future of psychotherapy.

The volume assembles descriptions of psychotherapies as exercised in 45 countries of the world, combined with an outline of the key methods and the organisations representing them.

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