Peter F. Schmid
  Univ. Doz. HSProf. Mag. Dr.
Curriculum vitae

Mailing address: Koflergasse 4, A-1120 Vienna, Austria
Phone/voice mail: +43 1 812 37 46
Fax: +43 1 812 37 46


School-leaving exam 1968

(Catholic) Theology  1968 – 1973 and Psychology and Sociology, 1970 – 1975, at the University of Vienna and 1988-1989 at the Hochschule [university] Linz, Austria

Masters of Theology (Magister theologiae, Mag. theol.), University of Vienna, 1973
Master’s Thesis [Diplomarbeit]: Einübung in das beratende Gespräch: Zur Praxis der nicht-direktiven (einfühlend-spiegelnden) Gesprächsführung [Counselling: The theory and practice of non-directive, empathic helpful relationships], published Vienna: Herder, 1973

Ph.D. in Theology (Doctor theologiae, Dr. theol.), Hochschule [university] Linz, 1989
Dissertation Title: Seelsorge als personale Begegnung: Grundlagen einer personzentrierten Pastoral [Pastoral Work as Encounter Person to Person: Foundations of a person-centered pastoral care], published Mainz, Germany: Grünewald, 1989

Habilitation (final university lecturing qualification) resulting in the title of

Universitätsdozent (docentus universitatis, Univ.Doz.), University of Graz, 1997
Habilitation publication:
Im Anfang ist Gemeinschaft: Personzentrierte Gruppenarbeit [In the Beginning There is Community: Person-centered group work], published Stuttgart, Germany: Kohlhammer, 1998

Licensed Psychotherapist and Supervisor:

Training in personalistic psychoanalysis at the Wiener Arbeitskreis für Tiefenpsychologie [now: Wiener Arbeitskreis für Psychoanalyse] [Viennese Association for Depth Psychology, now: Viennese Association for Psychoanalysis], 1973 – 1985

Founder of person-centered training in Austria (in co-operation with the Center for Studies of the Person in La Jolla, California), participation in various training programs in Austria, Germany (Freie Universität Berlin) and the USA (La Jolla 1979, 1980)

Professional Experience


Coordinator Person-Centred Psychotherapy Science, Sigmund Freud University Vienna, 2006 – 2014

Faculty Member Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center, Humanistic and Transpersonal
Psychology concentration, San Francisco, 2003 - 2011

Post-Doctoral Lectureship at the University of Vienna, Medical Faculty, Department for Postgraduate Medical Education and Training, 2001 - 2007

Assistant Professor [Universitätsdozent] at the University of Graz, Austria, Institute for Practical Theology and Pastoral Psychology, 1997 - 2002

Visiting Professor [Gastprofessor] for Practical Theology and Pastoral Psychology at the Hochschule [university] St. Gabriel, Mödling, Austria, in affiliation with Pontificia Università Urbaniana, Rome, Italy, 1991 - present

Lectureships in theology, psychology and psychotherapy at the University of Innsbruck, Austria (1998/99); University of Linz, Austria (2000); University of Patras, Greece (1999); University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt/Main, Germany (2000); University of Leuven, Belgium (2001); University of Vienna – Medical Faculty (2002-2003) resp. Medical University of Vienna (from 2004); Sigmund Freud PrivatUniversity, Vienna (from 2006)

University Assistant (Systematic and Pastoral Theology) and Lecturer in Vienna (1974-1978), St. Pölten (1980), Linz (1970-1997) and Fulda, Germany (1977) etc.

Director of the Referat für Psychotherapie, Supervision und Pastorale Beratung [Department for Psychotherapy, Supervision and Pastoral Counselling] of the Archdiocese of Vienna, 1990 - 2004

Head of the Kontaktstelle für Kunst und Kultur [Department for Art and Culture] of the Archdiocese of Vienna, 1986-1990

Manager and director of “Bretterhaus” theater, Vienna, 1979-1990

Pastoral Assistent (pastoral worker and theological assistant) at the Wiener Katholische Hochschulgemeinde [Vienna Catholic University Parish], 1972-1986

Counselling and psychotherapy trainer 1979 - present; officially licensed as a person-centered psychotherapy trainer since the start of legal regulations in Austria (psychotherapy law) in 1990

Psychotherapist and supervisor, 1974 – present, in private practice, Vienna, Austria, 1978 - present


Current employment

Assistant Professor at the University of Graz, Austria, Institute for Practical Theology and Pastoral Psychology

Visiting Professor at the Hochschule [university] St. Gabriel, Mödling, Austria

Lecturer, Sigmund Freud University Vienna

Psychotherapist, supervisor and coach in private practice

Counselling and psychotherapy trainer: training programs in psychotherapy, counselling, social counselling, supervision, coaching and organizational development, group work and group therapy, integration of body work into person-centered work (“Mit Leib & Seele” ['Body & Soul']), sociotherapy, psychotherapy and politics.


Initiatives for the promotion and further development of the Person-Centered Approach to Psychotherapy and Counselling


Founder of person-centered training and further training in Austria:

Foundation of institutions:

Akademie für Beratung und Psychotherapie [Academy for Counseling and Psychotherapy], 1999

IPS – Institut für Personzentrierte Studien [Institute for Person-Centered Studies], 1996 (now APG•IPS)

PCA - Person-Centered Association, 1994

APG - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Personzentrierte Psychotherapie, Supervision und Gesprächsführung [Study and Training Center for Person-Centered Psychotherapy, Supervision and Counseling], 1979

tas – team für angewandte sozialpsychologie [Team for Applied Social Psychology], 1969


with Carl R. Rogers (1981, 1984), Douglas A. Land (1978-1998), Maureen O’Hara (from 1997), Dave Mearns (from 2001) and many other notables, particularly from the US and UK

Co-founder of international associations: 

Co-founder of the Network of the European Associations for Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling (NEAPCEPC, now: European Network for Person-Centred and Experiential, Psychotherapy and Counselling – PCE Europe), 1998

Co-founder of the World Association for Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling (WAPCEPC), 1997

Board member of both associations since their foundation (NEAPCEPC: until 2004, WAPCEPC: until 2006)

Organizer and co-organizer of international scientific conferences (selection):

Annual International Symposia for the Development of Person-Centered Theory, 1997-present

Triannual International Colloquia on Person-Centred Psychotherapy, 1996-present

International Colloquium on the 100th Anniversary of Carl Rogers: ‘Development of person-centered practice and theory: What is essential?’, Vienna, 2001

Interdisciplinary Symposium „Philosophie, Psychotherapie, Theologie, Kunst“ [Philosophy, psychotherapy, theology, art], Vienna, 2000

„Identität – Begegnung – Kooperation“ [‘Identity – encounter – confrontation’]. German–Austrian–Swiss Congress on the Person-Centered Approach, Salzburg 2000

„Veränderungskonzepte in der Supervision“ [‘Change concepts in supervision’], Congress, Vienna 1999

„The Person-Centered Approach 10 Years After the Death of Carl Rogers“, Conference, Vienna, 1997

3rd International Conference on Client-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy, Gmunden, Austria, 1994

„50 Years of Person-Centered Approach“, Großrußbach, Austria 1990

Webmaster of the following websites: 

The Person-Centered Site (in eleven languages)

         Österreich Personzentriert ['Person-centered Austria']:

including the home pages of

- The Austria Program (annual international encounter workshop)
Internationale Zeitschrift für Personzentrierte und Experienzielle Psychotherapie und Beratung (international German journal)
- PCA – Person-Centered Association in Austria

WAPCEPC - World Association for Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counseling

NEAPCEPC - Network of the European Associations for Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling (until 2004)

Website Peter F. Schmid (in fifteen languages)


Co-founder and co-editor of scientific journals:

Member of the Editorial Board 2002 - present


Journal of the World Association for Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counseling
Ross-on-Wye, UK
Co-founder and co-editor since its foundation in 2001 through 2010


Revista de Estudos Rogerianos, Lisbon
Member of the Scientifical Board (Conselho Científico) 1998-present


Zeitschrift für Klientenzentrierte Psychotherapie und personzentrierte Ansätze
[International journal for person-centered and experiential approaches],
Co-founder and member of the Editorial Board since its foundation in 1997 through 2012


[Forum for psychotherapy], Vienna, Zurich, New York
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board 1993 – 1999


Internationale Zeitschrift für die Praxis der Kirche
[International practical theological journal],
Mainz & Freiburg i. Br., Germany
Member of the Editorial Board 1985 - 2010

Compilation of comprehensive bibliographies:

        The Person-Centered and Experiential Bibliography Online
        more than 11000 English and German titles

The Carl Rogers Bibliography Online
Complete, chronological and alphabetical catalogue of original editions and German translations, including both, writings and films, from 1922 with an appendix including selected audio and video tapes and indices of names and titles

The Carl Rogers Bibliography of English and German Sources, PCEP 3&4 (2005)


(as of 2007)  Update see

18 books (7 monographs, 3 books co-authored, 8 books co-edited)

91 chapters in books

331 articles in journals

in ten languages

137 keynote lectures, papers and manuscripts

in German and English. 

(among all these more than 70 titles in English).

A complete bibliography of published works can be found online here.


Recent books (selection):

Cooper, M., O’Hara, M., Schmid, P. F., Wyatt, G. (Eds.). Handbook of Person-Centred Psychotherapy. Houndmills, UK (2007), 314 pp., 2nd. edn. 2013

Iseli, C., Keil, W., Korbei, L., Nemeskeri, N., Rasch-Owald, S., Schmid, P. F. & Wacker, P.  (Eds.) (2002). Identität – Begegnung – Kooperation: Person-/Klientenzentrierte Psychotherapie und Beratung an der Jahrhundertwende [Identity – Encounter – Co-operation: Person-/client-centered psychotherapy and counseling at the turn of the century]. Cologne: GwG Verlag. 544 pp.

Frenzel, P., Keil, W., Schmid, P. F. & Stölzl, N.  (Eds.) (2001), Klienten-/Personzentrierte Psychotherapie: Kontexte, Konzepte, Konkretisierungen [Client-/Person-Centered Psychotherapy: Contexts, concepts, practice]. Vienna: Facultas. 488 pp.

Rogers, C.R. & Schmid, P.F. (1991, 4th, revised edn. 2000). Person-zentriert: Grundlagen von Theorie und Praxis [Person-Centered: Foundations of theory and practice]. Mainz: Grünewald. 305 pp.

Schmid, P.F. (1998). Im Anfang ist Gemeinschaft: Personzentrierte Gruppenarbeit in Seelsorge und Praktischer Theologie [In the Beginning There is Community: Person-centered group work in pastoral care and practical theology]. Stuttgart: Kohlhammer. 224 pp.

Hutterer, R., Pawlowsky, G., Schmid, P. F. & Stipsits, R. (Eds.) (1996). Client-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy: A paradigm in motion, Frankfurt/M.: Peter Lang. 625 pp.

Schmid, P.F. (1996). Personzentrierte Gruppenpsychotherapie in der Praxis: Ein Handbuch. Vol. II: Die Kunst der Begegnung [Person-Centered Group Psychotherapy in Practice: A handbook. Vol. II: The art of encounter]. Paderborn: Junfermann. 681 pp.

Schmid, P.F. (1994). Personzentrierte Gruppenpsychotherapie: Ein Handbuch. Vol. I: Solidarität und Autonomie [Person-Centered Group Psychotherapy: A handbook. Vol. I: Solidarity and autonomy]. Cologne: Edition Humanistische Psychologie. 570 pp.

Schmid, P. F. & Wascher, W. (Eds.) (1994). Towards creativity. Linz: edition sandkorn. 164 + 14 pp.


Recent English articles and chapters (selection):

(2008). A personalizing tendency. Philosophical perspectives on the actualizing tendency axiom and its dialogical and therapeutic consequences, in: Levitt, Brian (Ed.), A positive psychology of human potential. The peron-centred approach, Ross-on-Wye (PCCS Books) 2008

(2007). The anthropological and ethical foundations of person-centred therapy, in: Cooper, Mick / O'Hara, Maureen / Schmid, Peter F. / Wyatt, Gill (Eds.), The handbook of person-centred psychotherapy and counselling, Houndmills (Palgrave) 2007, 30-46

(2007). Together with O'Hara, Maureen, Group therapy and encounter groups, in: Cooper, Mick / O'Hara, Maureen / Schmid, Peter F. / Wyatt, Gill (Eds.), The handbook of person-centred psychotherapy and counselling, Houndmills (Palgrave) 2007, 93-106

(2006). The Challenge of the Other. Towards dialogical person-centered psychotherapy and counseling, in: Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapies 5,4 (2006) 241-254

(2006). Together with Mearns, Dave, Being-with and being-counter. Person-centered psychotherapy as an in-depth co-creative process of personalization, in: Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapies 5,3 (2006) 174-190

(2006). Together with Mearns, Dave, Being-with and being-counter. Relational depth: The challenge of fully meeting the client, in: Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapies 5,4 (2006) 255-265

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(2005). Authenticity and alienation: Towards an understanding of the person beyond the categories of order and disorder, in: Joseph, Steven / Worsley, Richard (eds.), Psychopathology and the person-centered approach, Ross-on-Wye (PCCS) 2005, 75-90

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(2004). Back to the client: A phenomenological approach to the process of understanding and diagnosis. Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapies 3,1, 36-51.

(2003). The Characteristics of a Person-Centered Approach to Therapy and Counseling. Criteria for Identity and Coherence,. Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapies 2,2, 104-120.

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(2002). Presence: Im-media-te co-experiencing and co-responding. Phenomenological, dialogical and ethical perspectives on contact and perception in person-centred therapy and beyond. In G. Wyatt & P. Sanders (Eds.), Contact and Perception (pp. 182-203). Ross-on-Wye: PCCS Books.

(2001). Acknowledgement: the art of responding. Dialogical and ethical perspectives on the challenge of unconditional personal relationships in therapy and beyond.  In J. Bozarth & P. Wilkins (Eds.),  Unconditional Positive Regard (pp. 49-64). Ross-on-Wye: PCCS Books.

(2001). Comprehension: the art of not-knowing. Dialogical and ethical perspectives on empathy as dialogue in personal and person-centred relationships. In S. Haugh & T. Merry (Eds.), Empathy (pp. 53-71). Ross-on-Wye: PCCS Books.

(2001). Authenticity: the person as his or her own author. Dialogical and ethical perspectives on therapy as an encounter relationship. And beyond. In G. Wyatt (Ed.), Congruence (pp. 217-232). Ross-on-Wye: PCCS Books.

(2000). ‘Encountering a human being means being kept alive by an enigma’ (E. Levinas). Prospects on further developments in the Person-Centered Approach. In J. Marques-Teixeira & S. Antunes, S. (Eds.), Client-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy (pp. 11-33). Linda a Velha: Vale & Vale.

(1998). ‘Face to face’: The art of encounter. In B. Thorne & E. Lambers (Eds.) Person-Centred Therapy: A European perspective (pp. 74-90). London: Sage.

(1998). ‘On becoming a person-centered approach’: A person-centred understanding of the person. In B. Thorne & E. Lambers (Eds.), Person-Centred Therapy: A European perspective (pp. 38-52). London: Sage.


Selected professional Memberships

Corresponding Member of the British Association for the Person-Centred Approach  (BAPCA), London, 1999

Member of the Scientific Board and trainer of the Institut für Personzentrierte Psychologie [Institute for Person-Centered Psychology] Heidelberg (IPP), Germany, 1999

Member of Honour of the Associação Portuguesa de Psicoterapia Centrada na Pessao e de Counselling (APPCPC), Lisbon, 1998-present

Member of the International Scientific Advisory Council of the International Archives of the Person-Centered Approach (IAPCA), Department of Education and  Human Development / Consejo Científico Consultivo Internacional: Archivos Internacionales del Enfoque Centrado en la Persona (AIECP), Departamento de Educación y Desarrollo Humano, Universidad Iberoamericana, México, 1998-present

Founding Member and Member of the Board of the European Network for Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling (NEAPCEPC), 1998-2004

Founding Member and Member of the Board of the World Association for Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counseling (WAPCEPC), 1997-2006

Founding member and part of the training staff of the Institut für Personzentrierte Studien (IPS) of APG, now APG•IPS, Vienna, 1996-present

Member of the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Supervision (ÖVS) [Austrian Society for Supervision], 1995-2013

Founding member of the Person–Centered Association in Austria (PCA), 1994-present

Member of the Österreichischer Bundesverband für Psychotherapie (ÖBVP) [Austrian Federal Organization for Psychotherapy], 1990-2006

Member of the Association for the Development of the Person-Centered Approach (ADPCA), USA, 1987-1991 & from 2002-present

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