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 A-1120 Vienna, Koflergasse 4


 +43  1  812 37 46


 +43  1  812 37 46


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bar.jpg - 0,89 K

redball.gif - 0,37 K Psychotherapy, counselling, encounter groups
redball.gif - 0,37 K Supervision, coaching & organisational development
redball.gif - 0,37 K Mediation and conflict management
on appointment, one-on-one and in groups, German and English

redball.gif - 0,37 K Training therapy & counselling
redball.gif - 0,37 K Training supervision
redball.gif - 0,37 K Hospitations & group co-faclitation
on appointment

redball.gif - 0,37 K Training & further training in
• Psychotherapy (general and specific graduation)
• Supervision & organisational development
• Counselling & communication
• Lebens- & Sozialberatung
• Group work & group psychotherapy
• Integration of body work into the pc approach (»Body & Soul«)
• Berufs– und Sozialtraining
• Pastoral work & pastoral psychology

in co-operation with the Academy for Counselling and Psychotherapy, IPS of APG, PCA, ÖGwG, GwG Cologne, IPP Heidelberg, APPCPC (Lisbon), Mentor GmbH (Linz), the Medical University of Vienna (Postgraduate Medical Studies),  Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center, San Francisco etc.
and the Universities of Graz, Innsbruck and Vienna as well as the Hochschule St. Gabriel and the Kath. Theol. University of Linz.

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